jeudi 12 février 2009

Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins: 'Dave Grohl is a complete control freak'

Foo Fighters Drummer says the band will re-enter the studio this summer

Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins discussed his working relationship with frontman Dave Grohl, and their plans to begin recording a new album.

The drummer said that Grohl, who played drums in Nirvana before fronting Foo Fighters, is a drummer "first and foremost" and often critiques his drumming style.

"He's a complete control freak," Hawkins said of Grohl. "But he's the nicest control freak you ever meet in your life. He tells me what to do but we work off each other as well. He's a drummer first and foremost. He's become a great singer and songwriter but he's a drummer first. When we're working together on music, not only do you have one drummer's ideas but you have two of them coming from totally different places."

While making the rounds at Grammy Award parties in Los Angeles over the weekend, Hawkins said that although the Foo Fighters are technically taking a bit of a breather, the band are still actively working on the new album.

"We've gotten together and minced ideas already," he said. "Just basic ideas and we'll probably do that over the next year until we have a log of ideas. We'll take our time and let everybody else enjoy other things -- their families and stuff. I'd say maybe by summer we'll get in the studio and start getting serious about a record."

Source : NME

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